Welcome to my Cooking Blog!

I wanted to welcome you all to my new blog.  I've thought about writing a cooking blog for some time now.  Though I spend most of my time chasing after my two girls or writing (I primarily write romance), I also spend a fair amount of time cooking.

I love experimenting in the kitchen, and I hope to share with you not only recipes, but also what seemed to work, what didn't work so well, and any other thoughts I had during the process.  It seems like as of late, I've been scouring through recipes and experimenting even more than usual, since I'm now working part time at a new restaurant.  There's no doubt this will offer up some inspiration.

For the most part, I tend to wing it when I cook-- not too unlike my writing really.  But I promise to do my best to keep track of measurements so that you'll have an accurate recipe to follow.  Though I prefer to cook savory over sweet, my recent job has me baking more than I ever thought possible.  The recipes have been great, so I think there will be a wide variety offered in the postings.

So let the cooking begin!  Thank you for stopping by and happy cooking!


  1. This looks great, Calista! You've already passed along some hints to me that have been great, so I can't wait to see what you "cook up". Sorry - couldn't resist! :)

  2. Yay! My first follower! : ) Thanks, Jemi! I think this will be lots of fun.

  3. The photos look great, Cali. If nothing else, I'll enjoy thinking of the food even if I never taste the meals.

  4. Thanks, Matt! I'll have to get you to try one of the recipes. I specialize in quick and easy, so it won't be so bad. lol. ; )


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